Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is written on site using a “Web” design or “Thematic”. Each week we study a letter, number , shape, color, state, and or course the theme. We will introduce your child to English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language. Your child will be more than confident when entering Kindergarten. Toddler Town Academy has a “Christ Centered” curriculum including scripture and song. 


1 year old room


2 year old room


3 year old room


4 year old room



The Center follows the USDA Child and Adult Food Program guidelines. Children will be asked to eat the meals provided here unless a doctor notice requires a special diet (allergies, etc.). The center will accommodate any special dietary needs of the children enrolled. Please advise the Center if your child has food allergies. The Center discourages having outside food brought into the center.


8:00 AM


11:30 AM

Afternoon Snacks

2:30 PM & 5:00 PM

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