Program Expectations of the Parent

Program Expectations of the Child

If your child will not be attending because of the scheduled appointments, vacations, or other planned absences please notify the school that your child will not be attending. The weekly tuition will REMAIN PAYABLE. Week vacations are allowed for one half of the weekly tuition when the Director is notified two weeks in advance. 

Children will be allowed to leave ONLY with the person stated on the enrollment form. 

Allergies: Parents/Guardians must inform the Center’s Director verbally and in writing about any allergy problems a child may have, in order for us to take the right precautions to protect the child. 

CONTAGIOUS DISEASES: We will keep parents/guardians informed of any instance of contagious diseases affecting children who may have had direct exposure at the center, and the Center Director will immediately report such diseases to the local health authorities. If a child is absent because of contagious disease, he or she may not return to the center without a physician’s written statement indicating that the child is no longer contagious and is able to participate in activities. We many also distribute educational literature about children’s health issues. 

Along with diseases such as chickenpox, shingles, CMV, fifth diseases, flu, head lice, etc. the Mississippi Department of Health Guidelines require exclusion from child care for any of the following conditions: 

  • Fever- Defined as 100 degrees F or higher taken under the arm, 101 degrees F taken orally, or 102 degrees F taken rectally. For children 4 months or younger, the lower rectal temperature of 101 degrees F is considered a fever threshold. 
  • Diarrhea- Frequent (3 or more episodes in a 24 hour period) runny, watery or bloody stools. According to CDC recommendations, a child who is not toilet trained and has diarrhea should be excluded from child care settings regardless of the cause. 
  • Vomiting- Two or more times in a 24 hour period. 
  • Rash- Body rash with a fever. 
  • Sore Throat- Sore throat with fever and swollen glands. 
  • Severe coughing- the child gets red or blue in the face and makes high- pitched whooping sound after coughing. 
  • Eye discharge-Thick mucus or pus draining for the eye. 
  • Jaundice-Yellow eyes and skin. 
  • Irritability-Continuous irritability and crying 

Hand Washing: We want to help teach children valuable personal and self- help skills. Therefore, we require hand washing before eating, after bathroom visits, and at other appropriate times throughout the day. 

Illness and Sick Days: To help ensure that illness does not spread, sick children should not be brought to the center. When a child will not be present at the center one or more days, we ask the parent/guardian to please notify the Center Director. If a child becomes ill while at the center and we feel that it would be better for the child to be at home rather than in contact with other children, we will call and ask the parent/guardian to pick up the child.  If a child is sent home with fever, we ask that the child not return until he/she has fever-free for 24 hours. In the event of any serious accident or illness, an ambulance may be called. For the safety of each child. We keep on file the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those people authorized to pick up a child. We also ask each parent/guardian to supply the center with the names and phone number of a family doctor and preferred hospital. 

Outdoor play will be allowed when weather permits. Any person deemed a “stranger”, on or about the premises is highly monitored and may be reported to the authorities. In the case of someone coming onto the property posing a threat, 911 will be called and the children will be removed from danger. 

Caregivers are to make every effort to keep a child from getting into a car with a parent under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will call the police to give the parent and child a ride home. 

The program license requires caregivers to report suspected cases of child abuse. 

The program carries liability insurance, which is required by law. Accident policies will not be provided. 

Please label all personal items brought to the school. Children SHOULD NOT bring money, toys, videos, food, or other items not necessary for preschool without checking with the Director. SHOW AND TELL is on FRIDAY. 

The Center has Open Door visitation. Please feel free to visit at any time. If a visit becomes disruptive, we may ask the parent/guardian to return at a different time. We encourage parents/guardians to participate in their child’s early education. 

Toddler Town Academy does not use corporal punishment or total isolation for discipline. Our policy consists of the following.

  1. Toddler Town Academy’s staff attempts to resolve any problem or misunderstanding by speaking with the child. Helping the child realize the right and wrong from the situation a second chance is given.
  2.   Time out is when a child must suit away from play, work and school area as a non- participant. 1 minute for each year of the child’s age. Example : a child who is years old, will receive 3 minute of time out.
  3. The corner is when a child must stand in the corner. Same amount of time as stated above.


We do not provide transportation for the children to and from daycare. 


It is the parent’s responsibility to hold their child’s hand from the car to the door upon arriving until safely inside the center. This includes keeping your child out of the roads. 

Children left running around the parking lot under their parent’s supervision are not our responsibility. 

Reminder: Siblings are not allowed to bring in the children. This is the parent’s responsibility. 

When you sign your child in you must sign the child’s full name, as well as the parent’s first and last name. 

SIGN IN: Signing in means your child is well and up to State Department Regulations. 

Your child’s teacher will greet you in the morning and make sure your child is in good health. 

All children are to be in class by 9:00 unless they have slip or are delayed by an emergency. No children will be allowed to enter the daycare after 9:00am. It distracts the other children who are learning and on schedule. 


It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child does not open or go out the front door alone. 

The same rules apply as when they are arriving. Hold your child’s hand and keep the children safe, out of the roads and safety until they are safely in the car. 

Please do not forget to sign your child out. 

Note: Cubbies are lined in the classrooms. It is tempting for children to want to get into other children’s cubbies at the arrival of the parent. Please do not let them do this. Make sure they understand this is not acceptable and to respect other people’s property. This is up to you to help them with this. 

If a parent has an emergency and they will be unable to pick up their child, they must notify the daycare of who will be picking up their child. This person must have a proper1 ID with them, Please make sure that all people who are authorized to pick up our child are listed on your application. Please make sure that all documents are kept up to date. 

In case of emergency whereas the center would need to be evacuated, the children will be moved to either the Gautier Fire Department 2502 College Cir or Gautier MGCCC 2300 Hwy 90 Gautier, MS 39553 by teachers and parents and teachers will notify parents of details and pick up information via phone. 

All employees who are employed at the Center are obligated under State Law to report all suspected child abuse directly to the Department of Social Services or Law Enforcement. Our staff is screened before they are employed at the center. If there is incident of suspected in house child abuse/neglect, we will ensure that further incidents cannot re-occur until all allegation is investigated. Upon results of investigation, the employability of any staff member involved will be evaluated. 

Parents wishing to withdraw from the program MUST give a two week paid notice.


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